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The Response

What he had to say:

this is what happens when you get me banned from every
website I've ever been on. Also for making me waste
all that job corps money on you. You will also find
that your power pets account is terminated and mine is

thank you. Have a great day.


p.s. It was nothing personal.

p.s.s. loos like computer tech pays off...

My response:

That is such bullshit. First of all, no "computer tech" was involved in knowing my password and breaking into my accounts, you raging douchebag queer. Charlotte wishes to remind you of your tiny penis. My mother says she is very dissapointed and shame on you for being so immature. She says she thought more of you and she never expected you to be so low. And she also says that she's recently found out about how you used to swipe her stuff (courtesy of my sister's and their lovely memories) and she takes back any invitation for you to stay here. She says she's very, very upset and can't put into words how this makes her feel.

For real, don't you have anything better to do with your time? This is really, really pathetic. I will concider any further responses to this email chain to be desperate attempts to regain any meaning in your sad, pathetic life, so I suggest you leave it at this. I will also delete any responses without even looking at them. Have a wonderful and interesting life. Please don't try to contact me again because I just do not care enough to let it bother me any longer. Goodbye.

~ Me and not you, so shut up
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