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Will Is A Complete Fuckass

The E-mail I just sent him:

What the fuck kind of bullshit is this? I went to login to my LiveJournal like five fucking minutes ago only to find that my password had been changed. After going through the entire forgotten password process I find out that the last time my password was changed it was by... oh, can you guess? Yeah, the shithead who changed my password was using your fucking e-mail adress. This leads me to one thought: I fucking hate you. Stay the hell away from my shit, you cock knocker. You're being immature and the entire situation is complete bullshit. I don't even fucking talk to you so there is absolutely no reason for this. What the fuck else have you messed with?

That proof enough for you? And don't try that "you could have changed it" bullshit because I sure as fuck don't remember your email OR your birthday.

So stay out of my shit.

Oh yeah, and after I sent that I found that he had banned sej from commenting in my journal, but what the fucktard didn't know was that sej doesn't even use that journal anymore. So the joke was on him in that one.

Yeah, and if anyone wants to email that fuck with retard shit, go right ahead. At least he'll get something out of this, eh?
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