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Liz likes aim icons. They are easy and fun to make and people don't expect them to be fabulous. This makes Liz, a struggling iconist with too much time, very happy. Because Liz knows she needs to make a lot of improvement in her icons before she will be completely happy with them. (She also knows that her own self-satisfaction is really only anbout 2/3 of the project.) She is also aware that talking in the third person can be kinda creepy.

.... heh, she also just spelled creepy, "kreey." Someone has been playing too much Mortal Kombat.

.... and that person is Liz.

Anyway, I now have episodes 16-30 of Fullmetal Alchemist. I'm getting some of the earlier ones now. Like... I think the last time I checked I was on 15... or 13.... it doesn't fucking matter, ok? I already got that part of the story from the manga as it is. What I really need is the episodes after 30. And here's where I start getting picky. They can't be the dubbed kind. I can't start a series subbed then switch off. Its not right or normal. Anyway, that's my issue.

Oh yeah, and I got Hellsing episode 10 (also subbed because subbed anime turns me on) and I want to say again for those who weren't around for the first time I saw the series, episode 10 is easily the best one. You'd have to see it to completely understand. Alucard was raunchy back in the day. I mean, he's still pretty raunchy but not as raunchy... See where I'm going with this?


NEVERFUCKINGMIND BITCHES. You guys are driving me to watch Harry Potter (the third movie is coming out so soon *does a wierdo Harry Potter dance*) <.< Sorry about that. Won't happen again.
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