Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo

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I am weak

It took one fucking video on one fucking television program to get me hooked on T.M. Revolution. I have never gone that quickly. I feel very weak right now.

But let's face facts, kids, sometimes jpop is worth a listen. I AM NOT TRYING TO JUSTIFY MY ACTS HERE, I just think I need professional help. OR, you know what, PVs... there's nothing that a good PV can't solve. Except in this situation I only have jpop PVs in my comp... OH MEEV! I FORGOT ABOUT MEEV.

Miyavi... how I love thee for not being pop. And for that I'm using my MYV ROCKS icon. For real though, why did he change his name again. Actually, I don't care. His music is fantasmo.
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