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Another Site Update

Guess I never told you guys that I had update GIMLS on Sunday. Changing it again on Saturday, so that gives people time, I guess.

Here's whats up there:
My Name - Kpop MP3 - BoA
-saku- - Jrock MP3 - Dir en grey
Obsession (See Saw) - Anime MP3 - .hack//sign
Smoke Weed (DJ Slave Version) - Techno MP3 - DJ Slave
Toshiya Pats His Butt - JRock clip - Dir en grey
Coo Quack Cluck - JRock PV - Miyavi

I think I need a seperate journal for site updates.

Update: I now have a journal just for these updates:
I'll be putting updates from GIMLS (the rotation one) and Creep (the icon one) there. Not sure if I'll completely stop with this icons here, but at least there will be all the good stuff.
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