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An Old Email

Recently my sister Charlotte was going through a few of the emails she sent me while I was at Job Corps and she came across this little jewel. You see, I was away from home for two, three, even four weeks at a time sometimes and we used to be real close. Emails abounded. APPARANTLY there were some choice conversations that I don't remember and neither does she but we are so glad she saved them. So without further ado, here's one such beauty:


You... you d-... you... *uncontrollable sobbing* YOU
most self-centered, self-rightious, self-bwahereneh
person I've EVER met!!! From now on, I will write your
name in pink in my greetings of the e-mails I send
you. Bitch.
But, anyway, I had a funky dream. Maybe you can make
some sense of it:

You were over the house with your new boyfriend, Gavin
Rosdale, and I had my boyfriend over, who was very
confused and I dont know why... I think maybe he was
an alien... or a German... but, anyway, he really
liked bacon, so all of us went to the kitchen and we
were looking in the fridge and I was all like "I cant
find any raw bacon" and Morgan Freeman comes up and
he's all like "That won't be neccissary" and he pulls
some pre-cooked bacon out of the fridge and I say
"Cool! Belt-bacon!" and my boyfriend looks at me and
says "Is it really made of belts?" and then Gavin and
my boyfriend are mad at each other and they each have
a can of coffee grounds and Gavin throws some at my
boyfriend, and my boyfriend grows flowers all over his
head like hives, then they laugh and my boyfriend
throws some of his coffee at Gavin's head and Gavin
grows some flowers on his head.

That's when I woke up. Weird, eh? During this time, I
slept 15 hours. I'm really wicked sick. I threw up all
over the place. It was disgusting, you should have
been there.
Hey, so, what's up? I love you! You're my favorite!
*smoochy!* bye-bye-sexual (you'll get it later)

Love, Queen Bucket (La Seul Bon Enfant)

Small note: She used to call me Dizzy Lizzy back in the day before she started calling me Coco. And when she was small my uncle used to call her Chucky Bucket and the name stuck until we started calling her Polly. Yes, we're odd.

And huzzah to having Gavin for a boyfriend. That's kinda hot.
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