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A Full Report


Me and my two sisters (Stephanie and Charlotte for the uninformed) went to see Saw on Friday night. Holy shit was it scary. No joke, I went to see The Grudge only like a week or two ago and I though THAT was scary... Whoo. So we show up for the last show at 9:35 and have to wait for a bit cause we were a little early. Anyway, Steph started being evil about EVERYTHING and I'm not sure why but she was and it sucked. I mean, they needed me, the only adult there, to buy the tickets but Steph kept bitching about how she payed for them. Anyway, we finally went in and me and Charlotte sat in a different row than Steph cause Steph was being evil to her too. So the movie started and Steph was like "Please let me sit with you guys" and we let her because WE aren't evil... only Steph is evil. So then we were all getting into the movie and it was creepy... I mean CREEPY and we kept freaking out, except Charlotte who had already seen the movie. She was really good about not saying stupid shit like "oh, look at this" and "I totally didn't see THIS coming." But about half-way through, she leans to me and whispers right into my ear, "Hey, Liz... its a hot asian guy with a big gun." I tried not to laugh, but when you're right, you're right. It WAS a hot asian guy and he DID have a big gun. But then... well I'm not going to ruin it because I'm sure some people haven't seen it and want to... but I TOTALLY didn't see THAT coming. I mean HOLY SHIT. That movie was so fucked... I can't even describe the level of fuck involved with this one. I never thought the person who turned out to be the killer would be the killer, let's leave it at thet.

And then today me and Steph were sitting on the couch watching the Fushigi Yuugi music videos that came with the DVDs and she laughs lightly for a second before saying, "I was about to ask why nobody in this series turned out gay but... uh..." and we both laughed for a bit. You know, because of Nuriko and Tomo and Nakago if you count his horny blond ass.
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