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I never miss Revolution. Why? Well, every week I drag myself off this godly machine and tell my self "there will TOTALLY be videos you haven't seen yet" and that's what really gets me moving. THEN I sit down on the couch and make sure my tape is in (you never know when they'll play Se7en or Dong Bang Shin Gi or Puffy or Asian Kung-Fu Generation or something I actually listen to) and get all comfortable. Then the first couple of videos almost always suck. ALMOST ALWAYS. I start to get discouraged, of course, who wouldn't? THEN THEY PULL THIS SHIT: Se7en. omg. They have Se7en. And the RIGHT AFTER THAT... THEY HAVE FUCKING HYDE. I freaked, hit record, then fell off the couch. I LOVE when they play Hyde or L'Arc in general because until they do I tend to keep my TV life and my Internet life very seperate. But when Ready Steady Go or something starts up, I am thrown back to reality and realize that I DON'T live two lives (despite what Aki tries to tell me on a regular basis) and that I need to calm the fuck down. Its too surreal. But yeah, Hyde was on and that's why I love Revolution.
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