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What do you think the conversation just before filming Stay Away was like?

Hyde: Tetsu, babe, you have to dance.
Tetsu: Oh... uh... ok...
Ken: *snicker*
Hyde: Ken, you're dancing, too.
Ken: Hell. Fucking. No.
Hyde: Oh, come on. Concept guy says its gonna be REALLY sexy.
Ken: Does it look like I care?
Hyde: *stare*
Tetsu: *snicker*
Ken: Listen. Ken doesn't dance.
Yukihiro: *cough*
Hyde: You're dancing with the rest of us on that tennis court and that's final.
Ken: Oh, hell no. Nobody said anything about a tennis court.
Hyde: Yeah, I've seen it. Bright fucking green.
Tetsu: *panic*
Hyde: Don't worry, Tetsu. You're sexy. These video guys love sexy.
Tetsu: *beams*
Yukihiro: And uh... what am I doing during all this?
Hyde: You're dancing.
Ken: How many people are fucking dancing?
Hyde: Like thirty or something. I saw the coreography. It's pretty...
Ken: If you say sexy, I'll shove my guitar up your ass.
Hyde: Actually, I was gonna say its pretty gay. Monkey arms *demonstrates* and shit.
Tetsu: *jaw slack*
Yukihiro: *jaw slack*
Ken: Hell. Fucking. No.
Hyde: But then it gets sexy.
Ken: *clenches fists*
Hyde: Twisty hips and whatnot *demonstrates*
Ken: I bet you get to prance around in tight pants for the rest of the video.
Hyde: Well, not PRANCE exactly.
Ken: *stare* I want to see the wardrobe.

And I believe we all know how it went from there.
I came to this conversation when I was watching the ending dance number (again) and was watching Ken's face. He looks so pissed. Heh heh.
Sorry if this disturbed anyone.

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