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A Lost Attempt At Discussing L'Arc With Niimura

Degac Creep: wow, L'Arc really know how to make you hate them
o0Mael0o: i hate them already
Degac Creep: I was just listening to the Ready Steady Go single where they take each member out for one track and the only one thats any decent at ALL is... well the one without Hyde
Degac Creep: and even that one is kinda scary
o0Mael0o: wow i hate when they take out an instrument
o0Mael0o: thats why its called a b-a-n-d
Degac Creep: yeah, not my piece of pie
Degac Creep: and the one without drums is JUST SO BAD
o0Mael0o: oh i would imagine
Degac Creep: my face is like *jaw slack*

-- and later... --

Degac Creep: and holy shit, how can you hate l'arc?
Degac Creep: *this just hits home*
o0Mael0o: long story
Degac Creep: give it to me
Degac Creep: because I need to know
Degac Creep: NEED to know
o0Mael0o: because i don't like their music
o0Mael0o: which isnt long...but oh well
Degac Creep: bah you

I still love you.
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