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Alright, I had to throw out a crap load, but these are the ones that made it. 12 LJ icons (or avatars depending on what they're used for) and 3 AIM icons. Here's the run-down:

x5 Dir en grey
x2 Hyde
x3 Dong Bang Shin Gi
x2 Se7en

x1 Hyde
x2 Dir en grey

Some of these you may have seen me use and others are probably brand new. Either way, I hope they are enjoyed.

These are based on the "My fandom" icons that float around. I like mine more.

First one was a thought that ran through my head and the second was an instant reaction to the do.

Plain and gif... its simple like that.

Couple versions from the same picture. The text came from a conversation I had earlier:
Degac Creep: have you ever been in absolute LOVE with a smile?
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: ummm
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: what do you mean by 'with a smile'?
Degac Creep: like... you see someone smile and all you want to do with the rest of your life is watch this person smile
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: yeaaaaah.
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: :D
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: i know exactly what you mean <3
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: why?
Degac Creep: just wanted to make sure I wasn;t odd
wAtAsHiWaHiToRi: : )

Two by request and one for myself.

Ok, that's it. Hope it was as good for you as it was for me.
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