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Some of these were shamelessly stolen from cerynitia.

You and the jrock pets (Malice Mizer, Dir en grey)
LJ Username
Favorite Animal
You want to be a...
For one week, you will host kyo (in fact, he is Mana's pet)
and your friend imahori
will take care of Shinya's dog Miyu fell in love with you... and damn, is Shinya pissed about that!
this pet hates you: Because all the jrock pets hate you, you keep Mana as your pet.
this pet loves you: *purrrr* (= Klaha's cat...)
Chances that your favorite jrocker will trust you with their pet - 16%
This cool quiz by mistoline - Taken 25 Times.
New! Get Free Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

Oh... right... that makes me feel REAL good. And if I ever got my hands on Shinya's dog... *evil grin.*

What happened last night? (an outing with a jrocker)
You (put name here ^^)
wake up to find that you are at home... on the kitchen counter.
You get up to find Mana
sleeping on top of you.
You react by slapping him
after you find he's not sure of where he is.
You realize you have a hangover and that you have recovered by: - 46%
This QuickKwiz by torabara - Taken 306 Times.
New - Help with love and dating!

Jesus Christ what is with me and Mana today!? Can I not escape this man!?

Holy shit. Can we say "stamina"!?!?? Hopefully that wasn't all in one night!

*Does the "I'm birthing Hyde's baby" dance*

And for the hell of it:

Pick One
Pick A Movie
Pick A Beverage
Gayness - 89%
This quiz by tankfreak - Taken 157294 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

I am really fucking gay.

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