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It's In Al Bhed

Dutyo cilgat. Niimura kud ehdu y vekrd fedr yhudran bancuh uh so vneahtc mecd yht eh dra aht kud syt yd sa palyica cra druikrd E teth'd pameaja dryd cra fyc naymmo dymgehk du Kyo. Drah E kud drec runnepma byeh eh so lracd yht druikrd E fyc kuehk du tea. E dumt Niimura dryd cra luimt ryja Toshiya ev E teat yht cra dumt sa ev E teat cra fuimt gemm so tuk.

Look it up. Its not hard to figure out. Now I'm sure I play way too much FF10.

Ev oui yna naytehk drec drah E muja oui yht fyhd du ryja ouin lremtnah. Pid tuh'd damm so feva... cra sekrd kad beccat.
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