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Its That Time Again

Yes, that time.

Yoshiki bashing time, baby.

Degac Creep: you know what usually makes me feel better when it comes down to stuff like this?
o0Mael0o: shes the only possibility
o0Mael0o: what does
o0Mael0o: toshiya?
Degac Creep: close
Degac Creep: well.. not really
Degac Creep: Yoshiki
o0Mael0o: õ_o
Degac Creep: nothing like a big heaping of gay to make you feel better about yourself
o0Mael0o: ...õ_ö
o0Mael0o: im gonna go do that then
Degac Creep: nothing serious against Yoshiki or anything... its just...
o0Mael0o: hes a flaming fag?
o0Mael0o: but...its a good thing
o0Mael0o: mostly
Degac Creep: its really just that he LOOKS immensely gay
Degac Creep: whether he really is or not means nothing to me
Degac Creep: well... almost nothing
o0Mael0o: XDD
Degac Creep: cause I mean... that sort of news warrants a dance
o0Mael0o: hehaha
o0Mael0o: except when its gackt
Degac Creep: *stare*

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