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More icons for the love

Ok, so I started this little series of icons involving Pimp Pictures of The Dork (Die, for those of you just tuning in) using horrible pickup lines. I have only managed to construct two as of yet but there are a few others in the planning phase. I'm just in the middle of five other projects or something. I see that my two main icon femmes shintotchi and yobai have been posting some of their stuff around and it's inspired me.

Today I bring you six icons... most of which may scare you and one that is so way off from the norm that you'll find yourself maybe hating me. That one... and you'll know it when you see it... is for my sister lordmoldyshorts who has been using the same damn Harry Potter icon for God knows how long and its really getting on my nerves. So, to rememdy that situation, I have made her a Draco icon and am very willing to put my rep on the line by posting it here.

And now for the stuff.

Pimping Die:

Huzzah Worthy:

And That One:

And I'd thought I'd mention that I'm working on two colorbars... one in which I expect everyone to use just because it would make me feel good... Get it? Got it? Good.
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