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Layout Fun

Niimura was complaining about how she was sick of looking at layouts that she's made... well.. I took the situation into my own hands and decided to make her a layout. Why? Because I'm nice. Then, just after she went to bed, I finished and showed The Other Femme and she wanted one too... so I tried my best to pull one together for her. So here are two layouts by request for yobai and soranikaeshite. Hope you guys enjoy these.

This is the sex. And because I know how you are with your icons:

The background is solid black so you just need to push everything to the right and set the background to black. If you need help with that, just ask.

Background color code is #9999CC. I'm sure you know how to adjust that.

And a bit of background here, lyrics on the backgrounds are from Tsumi to Batsu and Yokan... both by Dir en Grey.

And for kicks, I thought I'd post my newest layout, a remake of my favorite one so far.

This is mine. Hands off.

So that's what went down today.

And now I plan to play some Diablo II.
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