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Well, You Knew It Would Happen

I felt that I needed to redo the picture layout I was using but I didn't want to jump right from that to an upgraded version of that... so I decided to throw a decent one together just as a holding place for the future and hopefully much more likeable version of the snapshot layout. I know Kaoru layouts are usually orange and I save the blue for Totchi ones... but fuck it... its Kao and its blue. Get over it. It should be ok on various sizes above 1024 x 768... of course I can't check but I'm sure it'll be fine. Also, once I get my improved one up anyone can have this one. And I was thinking of making a smaller version of the Kao mood set for those of you who like it but don't plan on ever putting all those images in. Writing the mood set code whould be easier with only a few moods. Guess I could do ones for the other members too if it comes down to eggs and cheese.

And yay, a chatlog.

Degac Creep: thats alright I used to have a Dell
Apartment 76: =-O
Degac Creep: it was my rival in life and in love
Degac Creep: it thought it could control me and thought it was going to marry Toshiya... so who got the last laugh here? me
Apartment 76: That sneaky som'bitch.
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