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For the fans

I have an announcement.

Although I still cannot seem to make my computer want to identify new fonts, my icon-making days are not over. In fact, I made one earlier... and although it was crap because I'm rusty, I am still proud to say I have returned.

And I know how just as there are those of you readers who only look at my journal for icons and colorbars, there are also those who actually care whats happening in my life and those who are obsessed with the chatlogs. So... uh... CHATLOG NOT UNDER CUT!!!

Degac Creep: so yeah... downloading is so much fun now
Degac Creep: its like "holy shit fifteen megs in two minutes?"
Degac Creep: "no fucking way"
Evayne ANolan: hehehehe
Degac Creep: I'm used to the hour long song download

Expresses my feelings on this awesome new power I have literally between my legs (the tower's current home... its right under the desk... stop all that dirty thinking, folks).

And to take a look at all of my chatlogs posted here to date, visit this page:
( Chatlogs )

And you'd all better be ready again for my regular 4 or 5 entries a day... because that's how I am and always have been... you should know that by now.

And now its time for Oulan Requests! This show brought to you by the lovely admins over at the OFG Message Board.
- I need fics. You know what kind. You know what of. Just link me. -

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