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Saw the first episode of Get Backers. Looks pretty good. Might have to see more.

I'm really, really sick. My whole body aches and my allergies have gone out of control. All I want to do is keep sleeping forever but my mind is like "Oh, hell no. Fourteen hours of sleep is enough for you." That's about the time I whip out the tire iron and start threatening my mind with a hostage situation... I never win when things get violent in here.


Sorry, got distracted... George Michael was on the TV. I'm sure its an understandable affliction. Oh god... and now NIN... how on earth can you put those two together right... right... right next to each other. On one hand you have one of my favorite bands of all time (plus even if I didn't like them, I'd still love this song... which happens to be Closer and nobody had ever tell me it sucks) and on the other hand you have the sexiest ass ever to exist in the music industry... ok... at least outside Japan... because now I feel bad because I said the same thing about Kaoru... who BTW has a very nice ass.

Well... that's what I get for watching MTV.

ANYWAY. Yeah, I'm sick... pity me. And then... after that... pity me some more. And... uh... send me money. Or anime. Or hey... PANDA COULD GIVE ME MY DVD BACK THAT WOULD BE NICE. I watched Osaka Jo and Five Ugly until I really (and I know it seems impossible) just can't watch them anymore. Yes they are both fantastic DVDs but you can only watch a half... ok... *faints*

Been listening to a lot of Schwarz Stein lately... don't know if that means anything...

I'm trying to convince my mother to bring me to see Resident Evil but the only way to get anything from my mother is to offer her virgin or goat sacrifices and inform her of your plans for world domination OR clean the house and I'm just too sick to clean so unless someone feels like offering me their virgin or goat, I am screwed. And that sucks because I really want to see it. Actually, there are a few movies I'd like to see right now. Ok, and I don't really trust my brain with movie watching decisions right now because I blanked out for a while yesterday and woke up halfway through The Babysitters Club which was cool when I was like... eleven... back when I was reading the fucking books... yes I was a typical female child back then.

And I'm fiending for some Prince of Tennis right now so... I guess I'll have to cut this short.

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