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So I haven't updated in a long time. Blame my computer. I'm sort of on strike because my mother won't trust my opinion about it and insists I call the company before she makes any drastic decisions. Let me remind you that I have a certificate in computer repair issued by my local Job Corps and I seriously know what I'm talking about. So I am flat out refusing to call up Dell so they can tell me what I already know. Yeah, I would totally give up this computer as a whole if it meant denying her any form of sick twisted pleasure at my expense.


Came up with 67 new icon ideas ranging from Fushigi Yuugi to Dir en Grey and back to Gackt. 67. Now I just need my programs again. Oh, and yeah... my parents got digital cable so whenever my mother decides to fix this computer (because I'm not qualified, of course *rolls eyes*) I'll have what now? Oh yeah, high speed internet. And I know that will make a few people happy.

And I've decided to make this entry the official teaser for my new fic titled Discolored Purple. Dir en Grey... cause seriously what else? I'm going to plant a choice nugget from chapter one for you to whine about not getting all of. On with it.

- - - - - -

Title: Discolored Purple, Chapter 1: The Fit
Author: Caged
Pairings: *evil laugh* That will not be revealed now
Rating: eventual NC-17 (as if I could bring myself to write anything else)
Disclaimer: (which I forgot in the other one... oops) These guys don't belong to me. And my god, if stuff like this really happened they should make movies *grin*.
Author's Notes: I know you'd love for me to give something away, but I'm not.

Why did he have to be such a tease? I'm sure he knew he was doing it, too. Such a fucking tease. From where I sat along the far wall of the room, running through the song's notes on my guitar, I could see him leaning over Kaoru's shoulder and watching the guitarist write. Kaoru kept telling Toshiya to leave him alone but the half grin on his face made me believe that he was enjoying the attention. I rolled my eyes and tried to turn my concentration back to actually practicing. Only a few moments later, I found my eyes drifting back up to watch the scene.

"Ah, Kaoru!" Toshiya whined loudly, "Just let me see!" His hands were at the guitarist's shoulders, sneaking down his front, trying to grab at the papers.

"Knock it off," Kaoru warned, shrugging Toshiya's arms from his shoulders, the grin never leaving his face but knowing the bassist couldn't see it. "Can't you see I'm trying to work?"

'Does it look like he cares?' I asked myself bitterly, shaking my head and again trying to keep my mind on the instrument leaning heavily in my lap.

"But..." Toshiya started.

"But, Kaaaaoruuuu," I cut in, whining in a very high-pitched, mocking voice, "Why don't you let me love you? You never let me touch you." My eyes never rose from their lock on my guitar but I could almost see the shock on Toshiya's face. I knew he was looking at me. I decided to continue my obvious mockery of the bassist. "Don't worry, everyone already knows I worship you."

"Die," Kaoru barked, causing me to snap my head up, a dorky grin plastered on my face. "That's enough."

From his seat not too far away I could hear Kyo giving in to a fit of laugher. Whether he was laughing at me or Kaoru's snapping, I didn't know but either way it was funny.

My smile melted when I saw Toshiya's face. He wasn't disgusted or shocked... not like I had expected him to be. He looked sad, broken even. Kaoru seemed disappointed with me, but I didn't see the harm in a little teasing. I mean, he had no problem with Toshiya doing it... Oh, I get it. The grin spread across my lips again and I continued, now in an imitation deep voice, "No, Toshiya. Our love is forbidden."

"I said enough," he snapped again, the grip he had on the pages in his hand growing tight. Had I struck a nerve? Toshiya swallowed visibly and turned away from his previous attempt at annoying Kaoru. I smiled again, pleased that the display was over.

"Hey, it's not my fault you guys can't take a joke," I defended, my fingers idly strumming a few notes.

- - - - - -

Oh, and in case Stephanie doesn't see her or forgets to tell her:
That is all.
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