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My personal opinion of Seymour Guado? He's a sleazy bastard. Like a carrot... only less like a carrot and more like a sleazy bastard.

Yeah, like you were even wondering what I thought of him right?

Computer is still down for the count. It's in the middle of a burp right now. I managed to get a working OS in this beast and for now it lets us play pinball and access the net for short, slow periods of time. We may very well need a new computer.

And my god am I bored. I added another 23 hours to my huge Final Fantasy X save file... one of these days I'll get hp limit break on all of them. Cause seeing all those 9s is really pissing me off. Started a new game, too because arena fighting isn't all that exciting and I felt it was about time I played through it again. I was surprised that I remembered how to figure out all the trials. Yeah, I went through hell getting Anima last time and I don't feel like doing that again. ripping my hair out and whatnot.

I'm finally getting through my new story. Chapter 2 baby. Original story, not fic... sorry to those of you who enjoyed my fic and thought I should write more. It just may never happen. Plus fic writers don't get enough attention. Me and my sisters are all writing a story and we've decided to compile them together. Let me tell you, mine's the best... even only a chapter or two in I can tell. Charlotte's is about two females who DON'T become lesbians but get all involved with ana. Steph's is another one NOT about lesbians with a full female cast and its about her and our mother and something. Mine? Death and destruction. Murder and mayhem, my friends, murder and mayhem. If I ever get around to it (between writing, working on cards and playing FFX) I'll type up the first chapter and ask you all what you think of it. It's pretty sexy, IMO.

I dunno, does this entry make me seem... smarter? Might be because I've been away from net lingo for like... five days or something. My mother said I'm not talking in letters anymore and I don't even say meh. How sad is that? Don't expect me to be on AIM. If anyone needs to talk to me, my phone number is in my last entry.
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