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Completely disregard my last entry. It was full of bitching and whining and... ugh, I hate to bitch and whine. Anyway, reinstalled the OS and had to start from scratch (but that's ok, all 4 gigs of my documents are conveniently backed up on CD-Rs... mwahahahaha). It's been so long since I performed such a task that I almost freaked when I started up the computer and it wouldn't let me change the screen resolution. Then I was like, "Jesus Christ Liz, get a grip. You haven't even installed the fucking drivers yet and you're shitting yourself." This is what I get for taking computer tech for granted. I have no idea how I got my certificate in that.

Anyway, after the drivers was Norton (not letting a virus get me again) and then Earthlink (cause, please... all the good shit is online anyway.) I made a list of all the stuff I needed to get again (and didn't back up because I wasn't sure where viruses were lurking anymore and I wasn't going to transfer any of that shit over... and don't say anything about the documents I plan to transfer because those are completely safe. I know this because I scanned those already.) Top of the list went like "AIM, Pixia, Winamp..." then I got online and was like "NO MOZILLA!? EVIL IE!! GIVE ME MOZILLA BACK!" and now I have to get that too... grrr... I'm just happy that I backed up my bookmarks... I would hae died without those.

I mean, does anyone remember that fit I threw when I thought Mozilla blew itself up and wouldn't let me access my bookmarks? Anyone? I don't want a repeat performance of that, thank you very much.

G'damn... I need to get a lot of shit back... like my animated banner maker... can't make icons without that and Pixia... combined... COMBINED TO FORM CAPTAIN PLANET. Sorry, had to. Because HE IS YOUR POWERS COMBINED. *slaps self* I have to stop doing shit like that... now I need a Captain Planet icon. Anyone feel like making? Anyone? I think I'm going to have to go through the drivers again because it won't let me install my printer... so I missed something... I'll get the sucker.

But seriously, what is up with IE? Why is it so gay? *Wanders off to download Mozilla* I need it to live. Tabs or bust. Fuck this multiple window bullcock. Wow, I should take this time to browse my websites to see what normal people see... in case it's different than what I see... Ok, I guess I'm done with this now. I'll be on AIM in a bit. NAME: Degac Creep. Talk to me people.
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