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Jrock Soap Opera by IHeartKakashiSensei
Humor me! Name a Jrocker! Any Jrocker!
The name of your soap opera isTrue Passion
Your soap opera personality islost. Please, someone, show me the way!
Your best and most loyal friend isTeru (GLAY)
Your main love interest throughout the series isHyde (L'Arc-en-Ciel)
Jealousy! This guy wants you, no matter what!Miyavi (Solo)
Shocker! You have a long lost brother! He isTakuro (GLAY)
It happened! You are pregnant! The father isSeek (Psycho le Cemu)
Random Soap Opera Happening #1Your brother is gay! He wants your (straight) man!
Random Soap Opera Happening #2You are an angel. No, really. An actual angel.
Does it end well?It couldn't be a better ending!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Wait... I have Hyde but Meev wants me... that is the total shit.
*Narrows eyes at Takuro* No no *clings to Hyde* Don't even think it,
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