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So we can both watch x-files

Bah ha! I destroyed like seven of the total icons I meant to post because they were suck... which is the usual bang, seriously... you should know that by now. As I'm writing this out Juice is telling me she wants Hyde icons so Hyde icons are next... and they have to be done before she gets home so that may be ... I ... ok, forget that for now. Back to the task at hand.

x1 Toshiya
x5 Kyo
x1 Kao and Totchi
x2 Lain (all for i_eat_bamboo)
x0 Hyde because I haven't started yet

Some Diru icon concepts were by niimura76

I'm sorry they're both crap. I had pictures. I had quotes from the show. In the end they amounted to nothing so feel free to print them out and shove them up your cat's ass.

And LJ was being a bitch and not letting me post for a bit, so these are even later than I originally planned.
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