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So I got this sick-ass rabbit today. SICK-ASS. (those not from around here should know that's a good thing). Anyway. This thing is BIGGER than the Kyo bear but smaller than that huge bear my sister left on my bed that I haven't given a name to yet. I was just walking around the upper level and I saw this rabbit HANGING BY ITS NECK on a hanger and I was like "WTF?" and took the poor thing down. Shit was $5 but I didn't care because I was saving the poor thing's life. <.< Anyway, before you actually see the thing, let me explain. It's huge and white with a red bow around its neck. It also has... get this... a red heart on it that says "Kahlua." This thing was screaming Die at me. So now, I have a Kyo bear, a Kao cow, and a Die rabbit. Two more and I'm complete.

And for those of you who haven't seen the other two:

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