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Door and Gackt

I walked into two doors on the way in here this morning. I blame that walk to Andrea's last night. I haven't walked that much in like... two months. You know what this means. That's right, I'll just have to go down there more often... well, I'll have to go back because I left my precious Macabre Tour DVD there... It was so funny. They were playing DDR and she was randomly whipping out Gackt moves. And the way she says Gackt is just... oh god... Yeah, I gave her those two "Gackt Can't Dance" videos. I also left her with all the other Gackt stuff too so I hope she gets a good laugh.

And I started reading Gackt's autobiography (well, a translated version.) I'm seriously like, four lines in... <.< Uh... I'll read some more later. And this entry is everything the title says it is. How fucking rare is that? Oh, wait, I have all these icons I've collected backked up. I should change my icons around. *Goes to look at the situation*

AND BAH. Nobody's on AIM. Someone talk to me.
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