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Oh Dear Merciful Heaven....

13 Icons... in less than two hours... total...
Let me explain.

It all started this morning when miyavi_fangirl posted some nifty bases in her journal. I'm a sucker for bases, you see and decided I must do something with them. And from there things just blew completely out of control! I mean, I couldn't even comprehend what was going on! Next thing I knew, I had thirteen icons on my hands.

Content as follows:
x8 Boa
x2 Shinya
x2 Kyo
x1 Kaoru

What now? She actually made Shinya icons? *Shock*

All bases by miyavi_fangirl.
First four have just random quotes.
Last four use Boa lyric translations

Dir en Grey
Kyo image for the last one capped by niimura76

At least I haven't attempted any Gackt ones yet... be grateful, bitches. So, I guess the moral of this story is, "when Oulan seems bored, post bases..."

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