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Update from the hole in the roof

THERE'S A FUCKING HOLE IN THE ROOF. If you stand on the side of my house where my sister's garden is, you can see right into the attic. Wait, how do you spell attic? That doesn't look right... Anyway, yeah, you can see right up into there. We still have our phone and electricity and stuff... but half the roof is black and shingles are sticking up in this little cluster. We lost two tvs to the hit... one of which was my sexy racecar tv. (For those who don't know, I've had the sexy racecar tv for over seven years and in that time its accumulated over 50 random stickers... which is why I call it the racecar tv). And the right speaker on this sexy computer is fucked. Lucky for us, though, the computer itself is fine.

As for my current condition of health, I still can;t quite move my right arm correctly or without some pain. I usually sleep on my right side but last night I couldn't. Ugh, I was so sore when I woke up this morning. And my upper back, neck and face aren't feeling too grand either. The good side is I finally have feeling in the right side of my face after five years of numbness (its been that way ever since I had Bells Palsy a few years back). The bad side is the feeling is pain and I feel like I need all of my teeth pulled. I always have this biting headache... its not fun. My mother wants to take me to the doctor but I'm sure I'll be fine in another day or two.

So I spent my morning kicking my mother's ass in Trivial Pursuit, reading sexy Kao x Totch fics and eating popcorn. Oh yeah, I watched Queer Eye, too. I've been up for a while. Well, now that I've ruined my elbow writing this, have a nice day.
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