Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo

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Holy Shit

That title works pretty well. We're having this huge thunder storm, right, and I was just sitting here, browsing sites and whatnot and the fucking computer shocked me. Not just like "oh, heh heh, that tickled." It fucking hurt. My whole arm is sore and my jaw aches... ugh, I am in some pain. Two of our tvs got totally fucked. They're like... different colors and shit. Fucking mouse... the damn computer mouse got me. And I was afraid the monitor was going to blow up... I guess this is better than that. My speakers are doing something funky and I hope that clears up because I like my music... a lot... *cough* Anyway, yeah, got hit by lightning.

Ha, "shocked" is in the moods... I'll use that one.
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