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It's been a while since I posted a really decent chatlog. And let me tell you, if you put this next to the ones I've had with Will, this seems to belong quite well. Bit of background info: I run a website called "One Final Grace" and along with it there is this message board. I never ban people and I welcome everyone. YET, this fellow seems to think I'm out to get him or something. Dude has like 110 posts or something and has in the past spoken to members of my staff about me behind my back. Stupid shit about me always being rude to him.

Eyes Of Raymious: Just wondering. But, how come every reply you have made to any of my posts are negative?
Degac Creep: they're not
Eyes Of Raymious: nvm
Degac Creep: wait, no, seriously, what are you talking about?
Eyes Of Raymious: I donno, it just seems ever time you reply to a post I have made there is a negitive part to it.
Degac Creep: thats just how I am... I'm like that to everyone
Eyes Of Raymious: Well, sorry to say I do take well to it. Just take me off the boards I guess. I don't like negativity.
Degac Creep: its not negativity, its just my attitude
Degac Creep: and most of the time I'm joking
Eyes Of Raymious: Sorry to say I am a serious person.
Degac Creep: well if you want me to knock it off, all you have to do is ask
Eyes Of Raymious: No...I would never ask you to change who you are.
Eyes Of Raymious: I will just be on my way. Sorry to have been a bother.
Degac Creep: uh... you don't have to leave the board, dude
Eyes Of Raymious: You see, I am causing unnecessary stress. Please, lets just let it go. I don't need to be on the boards. I just figured that it would be nice to talk to people who had the same interests as me.
Degac Creep: there is no stress being caused
Degac Creep: and the board is there for people who like Suikoden to get together and talk, so why would you leave?
Eyes Of Raymious: I don't feel welcome/
Degac Creep: everyone is welcome there.... aside from Gackt-obsessed fangirls, but that's a different story entirely
Eyes Of Raymious: Don't mind me. Thanks anyways.
Degac Creep: <.< dude... seriously, what is the issue?
Eyes Of Raymious: Dude seriously, there is no issue. I just don't feel welcome by you. That's all. Nothing less...nothing more. And since this is your site I don't want to clutter it up with my posts. Besides, half of them are ignored and the other half no one ever posts to those subjects.
Degac Creep: I welcome everyone there, and the fact that there isn't much activity isn't my fault
Eyes Of Raymious: I don't really feel like talking about this. Sorry if I am bothering you or making you feel anything but good feelings. I apologize dearly. I would just rather not bother posting anymore if I get negative or no replies. I mean ignored like people just look, but never post.
Degac Creep: fine, do whatever you want
Degac Creep: I'm not begging you to stay if you're just gonna bitch about my board

I mean... not only am I sick but I have to deal with tards like this? No thank you.
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