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Today was.... OK

I just got back from Boston. We went to this Lord of the Rings movie trilogy exhibit at the Museum of Science. It was pretty awesome. They had this room where the ring was and it was completely dark in there except for these fake flames around the sides and the inscription of the ring was glowing around the room. There were random quotes from the movie about the ring being played from speakers and stuff, and that was pretty groovy.

Another thing I really liked was the Boromir display they had. It was him in the boat when they pushed him over the waterfall. It looked so real. I remembered the first time I saw the first movie and I cried when he died and my friend Sean was like "Jesus, are you really this pathetic?" Well, I cried when I read the book a few years before that, too (although I'm pretty sure he didn't die until the second book). Anyway, that display was awesome.

They had this wall covered with various armors from the movie, like the orc armor and stuff. That was pretty cool. They had this thing that showed you how they made the Frodo and Gandalf in the cart thing with the camera tricks. We could have gotten our picture taken but we decided not to because I knew that if I got that picture I'd have to scan it here and then I'd be embarassed forever. But that was awesome.

They had part of the model for Treebeard and I wanted to touch it but it was behind glass... sneaky bastards. And they had Gandalf's sword that you could hold and that was one of the shibbier moments of the whole trip. I wanted to start whipping out some moves but there were children around and I think the girl that was running the whole "sword holding" part caught what I wanted to do cause she was like, "ok, give me the sword back now," and that was funny.

The cave troll's wang was huge. Me and my sister stood there laughing for a while... I mean how could we not? It's their fault for putting it there. There were little documentary things playing at a lot of stations there and my sister yelled across the fucking room that Elijah was on the little tv. I could have beaten her right then and there but I was afraid of getting kicked out.

Hrm hrm hrm... so yeah, it was pretty fun even though I felt sick the whole time. Not to mention the car ride back was torture. I have this huge headache right now... *garblegarblegarble* Oh yeah, sometime in October Sean Astin is going to be at the LOTR exhibit and I've already talked to my dad about getting tickets. That would be wicked awesome. But I imagine that as soon as news got out that he would be there all the tickets for those two days were out. I mean, did you even see Goonies? That movie is genius. So I hope to go again.

Wow, this entry is really long and pretty boring... I congradulate those who took the time to read it.
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