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A Morning Well Spent

So I spent the last hour or so going through backentries of the anti_diru community, just because I can.What brought me to this? Well, some bitch posted this idiotic picture at dir_en_grey causing a bit of a fuss and I felt I should check out their userinfo... and that led me to anti_diru. Now, I know not everyone is going to like them and it is beyond me to try to change anyone's opinion but I feel that in that community, anti-diru and pro-diru fans alike made a complete ass of humanity in general. Who needs to spend all their extra time hating something so passionately or fighting those who hate something that much? Its, for lack of a better word, retarded.

And now I'm going to return to this hot fic I had started reading prior to all of this bullshit. Might go to bed soon... or... I dunno... watch a dvd or something. Depends on how I feel after this fic. Either way I'll probably talk to some of you tomorrow. Uh... let's see... yeah, that's it.
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