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A Fic-depressed Entry

*Sunken face of depression.* I finished it... my beautiful KaoxTotchi fic... but you know how I am with this stuff. I hate everything I make. So, it came out to like ten pages... and I'm not sure if that's long or short or whatever because I've never written a fic before. And I botched the ending. It was gonna be totally kinky but I ended up elaborating too much on the romance bit and now it's sappy. According to my sister, (who I made read it despite her unattraction to anything Dir en Grey) if it were a Harry Potter fic, she would file it in the folder of fics she liked. She also said that it would score a 17 out of 20... which I guess isn't totally bad... and she said she liked the way I worded certain *cough* parts. Yeah, it's smutty... in fact, eight of the ten pages are smut... how fun is that? But no, nobody gets to read it because it embarasses me and my way of writing... and having more than one person (that person being myself) think it sucks just is not going to make my day. So, this ends my sad fic-depressed entry.
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