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So I recieved this "suspicious package" in the mail today... actually UPS threw it at my door and chipped the paint... filthy bastards... anyway, I found the package and that's the point. It was adressed to Liz Oulan so I knew right away who it was from. I went back inside before I caught fire and proceeded to rip open the box with my teeth. (Yeah, ok, I didn't use my teeth, but that sure did make for an interesting visual, didn't it?) In fact, I used a butcher knife / ballpoint pen combo to get it open. Then I saw this:

(Scanned for your viewing pleasure)

*Loves* Thanks, Juice... and yes... it was pretty damn close to being as good as the game. I read it through a few times... I plan to scan (without destroying it of course) bits and pieces of it tonight for various uses. Besides the frisky smut fic that Shintotchi wrote me and the Macabre Tour DVD my mother got me, this was the greatest gift I got... even late... *loves some more*
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