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... What the crap?

Wh.... what in the mother fucking fuck is this? *Clamps hands over ears and shakes head while humming* hmm hmmm hmmm nope, can't hear it... *closes eyes* hmm hmm... can't see it either...

Personality tests suck. They are hardly ever accurate and when you don't set up the answers so you get the result you want, you get fucked in the ass. This happens a lot of the ones where you're not sure what the answers could be... ANYWAY the point I'm trying to make is I took one just now and the result was retarded. I answered every question truthfully and with no regard as to what the outcome might be... and hey, it fucked me in the ass.

The Serious One!

What J Rock Personality Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

The only perk is that its a picture of Kaoru.
I do live.
I do love.
*kicks the test's ass*

Oh, and hey, who's interested in Kaoru icons? Mwaha, made three about two hours ago but I'm waiting until I have another assload... and by assload I mean assload.
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