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For The Totchi Lover In All Of Us

Seriously, if you love Toshiya, don't skip this one. Remember back when I was making all those colorbars for the members of Dir en Grey and I made one for each of them (Ganesa is love, Dork is love, Sandwich is love, Kyo is god) but I never made a Toshiya one? WELL, this girl finally got the inspiration she needed to take care of that. And so, I present to you, the Toshiya colorbar to defeat all other Toshiya colorbars (well... that may be extreme...)

Toshiya is the sex

< center >< img src="" >< br >< a href="" >Toshiya is the sex< /a >< /center >

You know the drill with the spaces.

I figure, just in case you haven't seen them, I'll link you around:
Dork is love
Ganesa is love
Sandwich is love
Kyo is god

Yeah, that's all

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