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Juice and Diru

Talking to Juice about Dir en Grey can be fun... I say this because she knows very little about them as far as I know and what she is aware of makes for really, really interesting conversations.

I have a few today for your viewing pleasure.

Degac Creep: but for serious, look at him (Picture of Tochi here)
Fantaisie Bleu: yaoi
Fantaisie Bleu: I meant to say
Fantaisie Bleu: Yow
Fantaisie Bleu: like Yowie
Degac Creep: *snicker*
Fantaisie Bleu: it came out wrong
Fantaisie Bleu: <<
Degac Creep: yes... he WOULD look nice with Kao *rolly eyes*


Degac Creep: uh... subject change... in this fic, Shinya is about to handcuff Die to a chair...
Fantaisie Bleu: ...find a totchi fanfic
Fantaisie Bleu: this sounds like a horror
Degac Creep: I don't like TotchiXShinya though
Degac Creep: too creepy
Degac Creep: too femmey
Degac Creep: they're like lesbian fics...
Degac Creep: only they have penises
Degac Creep: <.<
Degac Creep: I'm going to stop this now
Fantaisie Bleu: no no
Fantaisie Bleu: wait
Fantaisie Bleu: yes
Fantaisie Bleu: Shinya = alien sex
Degac Creep: eww
Fantaisie Bleu: the bastard child of Christina Aguilara and E.T.

Degac Creep: niimura sent me this screen of totchi all sweaty laying out on the floor... I was like... dead
Fantaisie Bleu: lol good to have friends who care
Degac Creep: I love my friends
Fantaisie Bleu: I would to were I a Diru fangirl
Degac Creep: I. Am. Not. A. Fangirl.
Fantaisie Bleu: ok
Fantaisie Bleu: but if I were
Degac Creep: <.<
Degac Creep: yes, I suppose if you were
Fantaisie Bleu: <<;
Fantaisie Bleu: lol
Degac Creep: I dunno, I would hate to say I'm a fangirl... so I keep denying it
Degac Creep: fangirls suck
Degac Creep: and I dont suck
Fantaisie Bleu: yes but if the fangirls started rebelling against a group of disgruntled Diru sabotagers would you fight with them/
Degac Creep: .... damnit... yes
Fantaisie Bleu: You're like a V.I.P. of Diru Fandom
Degac Creep: right on

Degac Creep: guh Toshiya has the sexiest legs... ITS NOT FAIR
Fantaisie Bleu: you should drug him, make a cast of it and get yourself a replica
Fantaisie Bleu: or just take his leg
Fantaisie Bleu: ..or him
Degac Creep: I'll go for option three, please
Fantaisie Bleu: would you like a reciept with that?
Degac Creep: nope
Degac Creep: dn't need one
Degac Creep: won't be returning this

Again, I have to request that Shinya fans not hate me... it's just how I am...
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