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I can be very cruel sometimes

Chatlog. Me. Niimura.

Degac Creep: ok, no more jrock for me
niimura76: what
Degac Creep: I say, no more jrock for me
niimura76: whats that supposed to mean
Degac Creep: means I'm throwing out all my jrock and going back to Sukoden
niimura76: what the hell are you saying
Degac Creep: do you want my Osaka Jo Hall dvd? I don't know if you have that one
Degac Creep: gotta find good homes for the rest
niimura76: confused
niimura76: w..whats going on
niimura76: *panicks*
Degac Creep: DO YOU WANT MY DVD?
niimura76: yes
niimura76: but..but youre USING IT DAMNIT
Degac Creep: <.< I thought we covered this
niimura76: WHY
niimura76: *beats head against desk*
niimura76: everyone
niimura76: is giving up jrock
niimura76: *thud thud thud thud*
Degac Creep: well, you know, I wasn't that into it to begin with
Degac Creep: just a little Dir en Grey here, Miyavi there
Degac Creep: way to waste time
niimura76: *sobs* ...b...b.asphemyyehy
Degac Creep: jesus, do you think I'm being serious?
niimura76: you arent?
Degac Creep: pfft, I spent three hours making a 132 count Kaoru mood set... you tell me if I'm serious
niimura76: -_-
niimura76: *slap*
Degac Creep: heh heh
Degac Creep: oh man
Degac Creep: did you really believe me?
niimura76: yes
niimura76: why wouldnt i

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