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Ok, Yeah, Its Totally Done

I'm only "dirty" because I like that mood icon. *cough*

I have the worst headache right now. I've been sitting here resizing, loading, and sorting these things for like... three hours... BUT I wanted it to be so original and so awesome that I was willing to sacrifice my sanity for it... and my god it is SEXY.

And thanks to niimura76 for making it all better:

Degac Creep: oh... my... GOD
Degac Creep: ITS DONE
niimura76: ay
niimura76: this will make your moment even BETTER
niimura76: my dad has an ice pack in his pants
Degac Creep: heh heh

I read the greatest fic last night... ok, I read the two greatest fics last night... both one-shot smuts... my favorite. And uh... there was something else... oh, yeah, if anyone has a Toshiya Otaku Mascot, you let me know and you let me know now.
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