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So I have a new tattoo. Brings the grand total to two and they're both Kpop related and totally fanatical and I just don't care about who judges me for it. Because fuck you. My body, my choices, me dealing with the consequences. It's not like I'm tattooing a dick to my forehead or something. Not that's an idea.

On the topic of my job, I work less hours which means less money and I still have to pay for my health insurance. Which I love to do because why not charge me forty dollars for a prescription I have to refill every fucking month. No, that's cool. I only have to work four hours to earn enough money to pay for that, but no. That's cool. I like it. I like when I'm required to have a job to survive but get totally screwed out of all the money I make. I also like having to pay to go see my councilor every week. You know, so I don't crack and start punching old people because I'm pretty sure you go to jail for that shit.

And to end this entry on a fandom note, Cross Gene and I are getting so god damn married. Everyone is invited.
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