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And then there was May

Didn't update for the entire month of May. I'm clearly on top of things and totally in control of my life and choices. And of course by that I mean I'm completely and totally not but shit there's really not anything I can do about it.

Work is a lot of, well, work and my insurance is shitting it's liquid load all over my poor defenseless chest and my bedroom still isn't done and I don't have enough time to keep up with any fandoms, let alone the ones I actually care about and it doesn't help that those SM boys be creepin in on me and sometimes my arms go numb right after I lift my employers full weight when transferring her.

So I'm unmedicated, untreated, probably sporting a few new unidentifyable symptoms of my condition (which is still up in the air as maybe "not real" according to people who may or may not be close to me) and Beast still hasn't given me anything to work with so I'm drowning my ugly tears in B1A4 and Infinite and Exo and I don't even care anymore, which is probably saying a lot at this point because I never really cared before, either, but at least now I'm admitting it.

And that's what's going down in this particular part of the world.
Tags: city of lame, cutenakedlady, greasefest, jesus fucking christ, my sick, real heartache, very personal, what?
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