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Well there it is

If you follow me on Twitter, than you totally know what EXO has done to me as a failed specimen of person, and for my epic amounts of creepiness, I apologize. Not sorry, though. If you're with me on this, awesome. Good. Awesome. If you're not, that's cool too. I respect your self-control and your ability to keep your dignity in tact. You should write a book and send it to me so I can be better prepared for this sort of shit in the future. Until then, I'll be over here crying into my pile of Kpop swag and wondering where everything went wrong.

On to other shit.

I'm painting my room grey to match my mood, cat, fandom and need for a neutral area that I can fuck up with lots of colorful posters. I'm about half done, and then I'm ordering my bed and then my life will be complete. That's the plan as it stands, don't try to talk me down.

And rats. Larx, Lux and Lady Dem.

Tags: imagery, jesus fucking christ, real heartache, the gallery, very personal
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