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Pillow swimming

Found the bed frame and mattresses I want. Still convinced it shouldn't be such a bullshit process, but whatever. Now I just have to clean and spackle the walls in my room, then paint them, then move my old bed out and then I can actually buy my new bed. It'll be worth it to cover my entire bed in pillows and swim around in it like I'm five or a rat or something. Ugh. Dreams coming true over here.

Andrea and Cherell-Lovely got me a Hyunseung pillow. He's currently sitting pretty next to one of my many raccoons and guarding my Clockwork Prince book from possible thieves. Like Thomas. Who expressed his undying love for TOP earlier today and followed that up with a comment about how he would give himself to TOP if he asked. Questioning his sexuality so hard right now, but it's TOP so it's not that weird. I guess. No, it's weird.

If anyone reading this can't tell based on the rambling, medicated out of my skin right now.

Also just realized that I totally admitted to reading trashy young adult novels. But it's like. Whatever.

Dreams coming true over here.

PS: If anyone wants to follow me on Twitter, that is acceptable.
Tags: cutenakedlady, my sick, s. vaginas, very personal, what?, yg has me
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