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Swagmaster Supreme

Just wanted to share my current status as a Master of Swag. Why? Why the fuck not. :|

And many more. Why? Seriously, why the fuck not.

This was actually take 2 on this picture, because I took it, and then looked down to see the Infinite Seasons Greetings and almost punched myself in the face for missing it.

When I go into debt and I have to live on the streets, at least I'll still have all my Beast swag to keep me warm. Or cold and uncomfortable but surrounded by attractive men. Whatever.

I call them the little ones. Just because they're smaller. Still awesome, though.

And just another larger shot of these ones because why not. Detailed. Colorful. I like to look at them.


And Baytommy.

And this is just my Xbox dash these days because I always stop to look at it.

And some Moon Lu to wrap it up.

And that's it.
Tags: chotitimes, cutenakedlady, greasefest, it's 6:46am, old men are sexy, plus vagina, the gallery, very personal

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