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I haven't updated in such a long time. I'm considering doing some sort of daily meme to keep myself in line.

Let's talk about Kpop fandom things to make sure this stays on track and I don't navigate away from the update page prematurely or something.

4minute's Heart to Heart and 거울아거울아 are both amazing, but that goes without saying, really. UKiss, or, the "new" UKiss, isn't everything I love, and that's sad. I miss Xander something fierce and even though my oldschool heart swells at the mention of AJ from Paran, he simply doesn't fill the void well enough to make this okay. At all. Again, sadly. Tony, as always, is fucking amazing, and watching his promotions for this song completes my life. Big Bang is still just making a lot of noise, but looking at TOP continues to satisfy me, so, really, can't complain there. f(x) and SNSD continue to be that little bit of garbage in the trash can that always gets missed when you change the bag until it's stinking up the whole god damn kitchen. That is to say, they need to make some good music and like, yesterday, because this girl's patience is running seriously fucking thin. Quick, let's finish this part, Liz. After School is hot, but Bangkok City is not anything good. Jay is short and annoying, but continues to be talented. Whatever. Infinite still holds exactly one half of my boyband-loving heart, and I'm okay with that. Dal★shabet is bogus. And ZE:A cannot make good music.

New groups. Block B is okay. Because I'm still me, I can appreciate the concept, but I have some major issues with Zico still and I'm sure it'll blow over eventually, but for now we're kind of in this stagnant state of ehhhhhhh, and I'm okay with that. B1A4 is adorable and nice and talented and I have no problems with them, provided they continue down this road and don't fall off a ten story building and faceplant into the asphalt, as new groups tend to do when they are really good when they first come out (BEAST being the obvious exception because, well, just fucking look at them). Rania is okay, but seriously, when that's your concept, you have to know that the shit is going to hit every fan in a four mile radius. I do, however, like to look at them, and seeing as I am apparently perverted, I will continue to look at them and nobody can stop me. A Pink is also okay, but so not my thing so whatever, looking over that for now and pretending it didn't happen until they do something relevant to my interests. Which is to say anything at all but what they are doing right now. X-5 isn't what I was expecting, but really, what is these days? Teasers suck. Still a talented group, so I'm not going to complain.

I know I'm missing something, but I can't remember, so I don't really care.

So overall, satisfied with the last month or so of Kpop. Imma just continue to get my BEAST and Infinite on and hope that things continue down this road of sparkles and magic and holy shit this is some good medication because I just read that out loud and I sound ridiculous.
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