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Woo, babies

We got wireless in my place of residence. Up until this point, there really wasn't a reason to have it, since everyone used the one computer upstairs, but since Tom moved back with my laptop we thought, why not? Plus Steph lives here now, too, and she's used to a far more internet-friendly environment, so it was kind of for her, too. This thing is kind of stuck in an age where humans couldn't have survived and I'm so used to Vista that XP just doesn't cut it anymore, but I can deal.

I called it The Dooj. So I could be all, yes connect to The Dooj.


My sister Charlotte gave birth to her baby two days ago. I went to visit yesterday and her daughter is like the squishiest newborn I have ever seen. Baby Tom was kind of squishy, but he looked like a tiny old man. Willow looks like a legit fake baby doll. Held her a little bit. Decided that this is as close as I am ever going to be to being a mother. I'm not sad or upset by this thought.
Tags: cutenakedlady, imagery, plus vagina
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