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Because, as we've gone over in the past, I don't care about your friends pages.

I must make a point, for my own pride, that I have owned Suikoden II in the past and have no need for the guide, but Stephanie was kind enough to gift them both to me, and at the price Suikoden II is going for these days, I'll take it. Plus, it was the only one I didn't own since my uncle lost it and my life kind of feels complete. Plus Oulan is in it. And I have to be able to whip out the namesake whenever a situation calls for it. I don't see where I'm going with this, either.


MISSter CD book. It's a book. It has pages like a book. It has a part cut out for the CD, but that's still a damn book. I'm torn as to where to put it on my bookshelf. With the CDs or with the music-related books. See also:

PS: Yes, that is an Iron Man cold pack in that first picture. Just saw it there, myself. It's how I'm dealing with this swollen purple hand of mine. Oh yeah. I slammed my hand in a car door. And then I walked it into a wall. The damage is obvious, but I'm pretty sure it's not broken.
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