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So I'm chewing on my fingers. Yeah, I don't know if it's the medication or some kind of newly developed OCD or whatever, but I keep medical tape on two of the fingers on my right hand because apparently I do it when I sleep, too. Which is awesome to wake up to. I love when my brain decides it's fucked up and I have to deal with it. And according to my doctor, shit that went down when I was younger might be resulting in more pain than absolutely necessary in regard to my Fibromyalgia. What. Up. Childhood damage.

Lame shit is out of the way.


I'm officially of the 'I don't like or care for anything involving Dalmatian but I wouldn't throw Inati out of my bed' club. And that's basically everything I know or care to know about that group. Infinite is dancing perfection but I don't know any of their names and can't tell any of them apart (aside from the one that looks like a legit monkey), Teen Top has that soup I love (and even though I keep telling myself that they are infants, I still somehow managed to learn all of their names and faces), SHINee continues to be a gang of prancing girls (except Minho because he's actually a walking penis), U-KISS lost half of the reason I ever paid attention to them (Xander, not Kibum, obviously) so I'm not even sure if that's worth it anymore, 2PM continues to plummet down the scale of whether or not I'm actually going to pay attention to them if they don't pick up their game, Big Bang likes to make a lot of noise (and god awful MVs), Super Junior M isn't the same with the new line-up, but I'll take what I can get if Henry is involved, and MBLAQ is stuck somewhere in the funk between good and bad and if it weren't for GO and Joon, this affair might be over officially. Wait no, Seungho and Mir can hang around, too. It's just The Neck that I'm still having issues with.

BEAST, however, is perfect. No horrorfaces, good music, excellent hair. What more can a girl ask for? I mean, aside from Hyunseung having a vagina, because yes I'm still a lesbian.

I've had that dream. And it was good.
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