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Victory. And pictures.

Since I'm obviously not against raping friends pages with large and generally pointless images, I might as well just roll with it. Besides, this is like everything I've been working for for the past couple years. Video game-wise, anyway.

For those of you unfamiliar with this feat, to get that last achievement, you need to beat every stage on all four difficulties, including the dream mode stages, which require you to use certain characters so you can't just throw your maxed out Musashi/Lu Bu/Wukong team at all of them and tear up the god damn battle field. That's 40 story mode stages on all four difficulties. Plus the 28 dream mode stages (again, all four difficulties). For the mathematically challenged, that's 272 scenarios total, and that doesn't include retries on some of the chaos levels. Which did happen. Not to mention the levels you have to go through to level up the characters you have to use in the dream modes (and to get those level four weapons). And the countless levels you have to go through to build up the proficiency on some characters just to fucking unlock some of the dream mode stages. I once read in a gaming magazine (probably OXM, but it might have been GI) that it's estimated to take over three hundred hours to finish this. I'm willing to believe that.


And now some more pictures. Mostly of my rats.

another picture of this. more for myself than anything. okay now rats.

And that's it for me.
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