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This is going to be pretty much word-for-word from my twitter, except that I didn't share my newest creation over there, and there's only so much you can say in 140 character segments. So if you see it all twice, I don't apologize. It pretty much just proves that you're so awesome, you need two doses of me to keep yourself together. And I take that as a very convincing compliment.

Provoked by Koei Warriors' newest screencaps. And some examples were taken from previous additions.

HOLY ASSCHINS. LOOK AT LUFUCKINGBU. His asschin puts mine to shame in the worst way. I'm so jealous. SO JEALOUS. In other news, Dong Zhuo is a hippo, Xiahou Dun is in a boyband, and Zhang He, Lu Xun and Zhou Yu all actually have vaginas now. (It's really sad when Ling Tong looks manlier than you). Not news, but my man is still a superbabe. And have I mentioned how pumped I am for Ma Dai? I only needed him like two installments ago. And Liu Chan? HOW ADORABLE IS THIS KID. Also kind of excited for Sun Quan's concubine. You know you're doing something right when that's the description they give you. Oh, Dynasty Warriors. I'm so glad you're going to be on a system I own.

And now that I have everyone's attention, courtesy of my large flashing Lu Bu gif, I changed my layout: oulan.
Tags: club koei, imagery, layout gear, old men are sexy, shit i handle, trufax, what?

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